7 Warning Signs You Require a Bathroom Renovation ASAP

February 21, 2022

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Bathroom renovation can be one of the most expensive investments you’ll make to your home, especially if it’s an older bathroom in need of serious fixing up. Before you know it, your budget for the bathroom renovation can quickly creep up to five figures, making you second-guess whether or not to renovate at all. It’s important that you spot the warning signs before they turn into bigger problems down the road so you can manage and avoid them as much as possible during your new bathroom renovation process! Here are seven warning signs that you require a bathroom renovation ASAP.

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1. Leaky faucets and shower heads

The dripping of water or mildew around pipes is an obvious sign that there’s some work to be done. One of your family members might be using too much hot water, or a seal in your bathroom is damaged. Either way, you can expect higher energy bills and water expenses if you don’t address these issues immediately. Consider hiring a professional for faucet repairs as soon as possible.

Whether it’s because of water damage, age, or simply poor maintenance, if something is wrong with your shower, it’s time to renovate. Look for small cracks around doorways and tile seams to assess your shower door’s integrity. If you see any cracks larger than 1/8-inch, then it might be time to start looking into repair options.

2. Cracked tiles

With no movement in place and loose tiles, cracks begin to form. Unfortunately, when these cracks become too big, you will have to replace them. This leads to larger problems in your bathroom flooring and beyond. Cracked tiles lead to cracked grout, cracked grout can lead to leaky tile joints and leaky tile joints can lead to floods! These water-damaged floors are easy enough to fix if you catch them before they worsen, but they may take even more time if they’re left unattended for too long.

Loose tiles are another issue. Loose tiles may seem like they’re not that big of a deal, but they can actually lead to bigger problems. Loose tile-work is usually an indication of damage underneath and if left alone, these issues will only worsen over time. One of these repercussions includes cracked grout, which weakens your bathroom flooring and makes it even easier for water to seep through your flooring and walls.

3. Faulty ventilation systems

Check that your bathroom has an adequate ventilation system. If not, it’s only a matter of time before moisture and humidity in your bathroom cause mold to grow behind your walls and ceilings. What’s more, bad ventilation can also negatively impact air quality in other rooms of your home. When you notice signs of wear and tear around your ventilation systems, such as dirty grills or cracked vents, be sure to book an appointment with a professional today.

When it comes to bathrooms, ventilation is one of those things that you don’t want to ignore. So, if you notice any issues with your ventilation systems, or if they just aren’t in good condition, speak with a pro immediately and book an appointment for renovation.

4. Dirty grout lines

One of many common signs you need bathroom renovation is dirty grout lines. Grout lines in your bathroom tile will show signs of wear over time, and need to be cleaned professionally before they become full-on stains. Stains are much harder to clean than dirt that’s been allowed to settle over weeks or months of heavy use. If your bathroom has experienced an increase in use lately—perhaps due to new guests using it for long periods of time—be sure that you’re cleaning regularly so stains don’t form where dirt naturally occurs between tiles.

5. Patchy paint jobs

Yes, you can paint an entire room in one fell swoop—but it takes some serious time. Even if you’re not quite on master-painter level, though, a little patching and sprucing up of your bathroom paint job can go a long way to improving your space and increasing its value. Depending on how many walls or trim need attention, consider hiring someone to give your bathroom an all-over refresh or getting to work on those touch-ups yourself!

6. Worn out toilets or taps

If your bathrooms do not have new taps or toilets and you can hear them when you flush, then it may be time to have them replaced. Not only does hearing your bathroom equipment constantly running waste water and increase your utility bills, but it also indicates that some of your equipment needs attention. Although replacing all of these bathroom items might seem like an unnecessary expense, it is better to take care of them sooner rather than later before more damage occurs.

7. Funky smells

One of the sure signs that you require a bathroom renovation is if you begin to detect unpleasant odors coming from your restroom. Whether it’s sewage coming from your drain or urine and excrement emanating from your toilet, these smells can quickly be enough to drive anyone out of their home. In order to resolve these issues and keep smells away, consider installing new venting systems and odor-trapping seals in all of your pipes.

Another sign that you need bathroom renovation services comes from an inspection of your toilet. If you begin to notice stains or ring marks on your toilet bowl, it’s time to schedule an appointment with a professional. It could be something as simple as improper installation of your toilet seat that is causing these issues, but more often than not it’s actually a major problem.

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DIY vs Hiring a Pro

There are many reasons why homeowners decide to renovate their bathroom, including wishing to change its layout or design, to upgrade it from outdated fixtures and materials, or simply to make it function better. Whatever your motivation for upgrading your bathroom—whether you do it yourself or hire help—there are things you should keep in mind during every step of your project. 

Renovating your bathroom can get expensive, fast. On average a bathroom remodel costs $10,000. It’s possible to do it yourself if you have experience in plumbing and electrical work—but otherwise, it’s always more cost-effective and time savings to hire a professional. They know best how to install new fixtures without causing damage to your walls or flooring, and how to make use of natural light so you can avoid using electric lights during day time hours. Plus, they are experts at removing old fixtures that may contain hazardous materials.

If you live in Texas, be sure to get in touch with our bathroom remodelers. At Fort Worth Bathroom Remodeling & Design, we’ll offer you a free design consultation and get started right away!

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