You Deserve Beautiful Bathroom Flooring in Fort Worth!

It’s Time for New Bathroom Flooring in Fort Worth!

Updated bathroom flooring in Fort Worth is an excellent investment for every homeowner. Flooring often commands more attention than you might realize! New flooring from the pros here at Fort Worth Bathroom Remodeling & Design creates a welcoming space you’ll love. Your entire bathroom will look updated and stylish when you schedule flooring installation with us.

Don’t put off getting new floors for your home’s bathroom! Old, worn-out tiles often risk water damage to a bathroom’s subfloor. Chips, scratches, loose tiles, and missing grout allow water and steam to seep underneath a floor. Wood framing that makes up a home’s subflooring absorbs that moisture, weakening and cracking.

Avoid the risk of water damage, mold growth, and more by calling us for new bathroom tiles today. We carry a wide range of options, sure to fit your home’s style and your budget! Every project starts with a FREE design and price quote, so what are you waiting for? Get started with your consultation by calling us right now to start your bathroom remodeling in Fort Worth!

A home with slate bathroom flooring in Fort Worth.
A home with a personalized bathroom floor tile design.

Update Your Space With New Bathroom Flooring

New bathroom flooring is the best way to add affordable style to your home! Today’s laminate flooring designs offer the look of high-end hardwood and stone, without the same price tag. Name brand vinyl flooring is durable and stylish, and easier to clean than ever before. You can cut your housework routine in half by investing in updated vinyl tiles for your bathroom space.

Environmentally conscious homeowners might appreciate concrete flooring. Concrete is made from sustainable, easy-to-harvest materials. Concrete is also easy to recycle, making it very eco-friendly! Stamped and stained concrete mimics stone, wood, and other, more expensive flooring options.

If you love the rich elegance of hardwoods, ask about wood flooring for your bathroom. Today’s solid or engineered hardwood options provide a luxurious style that fits any home décor. If you’re not sure which flooring option is right for your home, give us a call! Our design team can help you choose a stylish, durable flooring material you’ll love for years to come.

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Why Avoid DIY Bathroom Flooring Installation

While bathroom flooring in Fort Worth TX is a great investment for your space, it’s vital that you avoid the trap of DIY installation! Home improvement stores often carry lots of peel-and-stick or pre-glued tiles, advertised as “easy to install.” You might also assume an online video is all that’s needed to walk you through the process. This can be a costly mistake!

Improper tile installation methods might risk tiles coming loose before too long. Installing tiles in a straight line and cutting them around fixtures also takes years of practice! Gaps between tiles or inadequate grout and caulk allow moisture to seep through to the home’s subfloor. You might then be facing an unsightly, damaged floor and eventual mold growth before too long.

Avoid these risks by investing in professional tile and flooring installation. Our crew has years of experience in stunning new flooring installations for area residents. We also guarantee every floor tile project to last! To get started, use our simple contact form or just give us a call today.

A contractor installing new hardwood bathroom flooring.
Plans and materials for a bathroom remodel in Fort Worth.

We’re the Team to Call for Fort Worth Bathroom Flooring

Before you go another day without new bathroom flooring in Fort Worth, TX, give us a call! We carry all the latest styles of vinyl tiles, laminate flooring, poured concrete, and even hardwoods. Every brand we offer has been tested for reliability, ensuring durable floors underfoot. You’re sure to find a choice you love at a price you can afford when you call us!

The team here at Fort Worth Bathroom Remodeling & Design is also happy to help you choose a flooring option for your home. We can explain the pros and cons of every material, and suggest what might fit your home’s style. Our crew is ready to answer all your questions throughout the entire installation process! If you’re not sure the best flooring for your bathroom, we can help.

Fort Worth Bathroom Remodeling & Design is fully licensed and insured, and we guarantee our work in writing. We also offer FREE consultations and price quotes. If you’re ready for stunning new flooring in your home’s bathroom, don’t wait another day! Call us right now so we can get started on the beautiful installation you deserve.



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"My new bathroom space looks amazing and I can't believe how beautiful it is. The whole crew was very professional. Thank you!"
- Mara Fisher

Check Out All Our Bathroom Flooring Types and Materials!

No matter your home’s style or your home renovation budget, we’re sure to have a new flooring option you’ll love! Our team has a complete catalog of tiles, laminated flooring, hardwoods, and more. Whether you prefer something traditional or sleek and modern, or anything in between, give us a call! We’ll be happy to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation design consultation at your earliest convenience.


Vinyl flooring for Fort Worth homes is durable and easy to clean. Our vinyl tile also comes in a wide range of patterns and styles! To browse our catalog, give us a call.


If you’ve always dreamed of wood flooring in your bathroom, our team can help. Today’s hardwood options are designed to withstand moisture and everyday wear, for a floor you’re sure to love.


Laminate flooring resists scratches and other everyday wear and tear. It’s also very affordable! Enjoy the look of high-end materials without the expensive price tag by calling us today.


Stamped and stained or buffed concrete flooring is an excellent choice for any home! Stamped concrete mimics stone and other materials, while high-gloss buffing ensures a beautiful shine.


When you’re ready for a stylish new look, choose classic marble flooring! Marble is stunningly beautiful while also offering a dense and durable surface. To find out more, call us today.


Slate flooring provides a beautiful look in any home. Today's slate is dense and durable while also providing natural traction, for less risk of slip and fall accidents. For your free quote, give us a call!

You Deserve a Stylish, Affordable Bathroom Remodel in Fort Worth!

Update your home by adding a spacious, stylish bathroom space, complete with all the convenient storage and luxury features you need. To find out more, call the pros at Fort Worth Bathroom Remodeling & Design. Call us at (682) 243-7554
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