Add Safety and Style With Walk In Tubs for a Fort Worth Home

Add Safety With Walk-In Tubs in Fort Worth

Walk-in tubs in Fort Worth homes are an excellent investment in safety and comfort! Step-in tubs have a door for entry, eliminating the need to step over a tub wall. A tub without a wall keeps your feet safely on the ground, a great choice for anyone with balance issues, weak joints, and other health concerns!

Built-in seating in your tub also means greater comfort and safety while bathing. If you or someone in the family is at risk of slipping and falling while in the shower, a walk-in bath with a roomy seat ensures their safety. Tub seating is also a great choice for anyone with a physically taxing job, allowing you to relax and bathe in comfort after a long day on your feet!

Fort Worth Bathroom Remodeling & Design is the company to call for all your walk-in bathtub needs! We carry a full line of stylish step-in tubs, sure to fit your needs and budget. We also guarantee all our installations for quality. For more information or to get started with your FREE design and price quote, just give us a call today!

A white walk-in tub in a Fort Worth home.
A step-in bathtub remodel in Fort Worth.

What Is a Walk-In Tub and What Does It Include?

A walk-in tub for Fort Worth homes is similar in size, or the same size, as a standard bathtub. However, rather than a solid wall, this tub will have a hinged door. You can then open that door and step into the tub, rather than having to step over a solid wall.

Step-in bathtubs also have built-in seating, usually spanning their entire width. Walk-in baths also have a variety of added features you can choose for your home, such as a handheld showerhead, whirlpool jets, heating, fast filling and draining, and a self-cleaning option!

If you still have questions about walk-in showers, tubs, and other fixtures and features for your bathroom, give us a call! You can browse our catalog of tubs and their optional features, and we can even help you decide which is right for your home.

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Who Needs a Walk-In Bathtub In Their Home?

Senior citizens often appreciate a walk-in tub in their home, as will anyone dealing with arthritis, a bad back, lack of coordination, or balance issues. These health concerns often make using a standard tub difficult, if not downright dangerous! Step-in bathtubs eliminate the pressure put on the knees, hips, and backs when stepping over a tub wall, reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents.

While seniors and persons with arthritis or balance issues might appreciate walk-in bathtubs the most, these are an excellent choice for others; for example:

  • A step-in bathtub with built-in seating allows for safer, comfortable bathing for bariatric patients who might struggle to step over tub walls.
  • Persons with vertigo or who are prone to lightheadedness might find a tub door and built-in seating more comfortable and convenient for them.
  • Physically active persons often struggle with sore knees and back pain after a strenuous workout. A step-in tub then means more convenient, comfortable bathing.

Investing in a step-in bathtub now can also allow you to age safely in your home, without worrying about slip and fall accidents. To find out more or to schedule a no-cost design consultation, give us a call!

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Tools used for a bathroom renovation in Fort Worth.

Are You Ready for Your Fort Worth Walk-In Tub?

A walk-in bathtub is an excellent investment for your home, adding convenience and safety at a price you can afford. Built-in seating offers a comfortable bathing experience, perfect for anyone with health concerns or who simply needs to get off their feet at the end of a long day!

A new step-in tub is also more affordable than many people realize, and today’s tub designs offer a wide range of sizes and features. Installing a step-in bathtub in your home offers added safety for everyone in the family but especially seniors and those struggling with balance problems and other concerns.

To find out if a walk-in bathtub is right for your bathroom remodeling project or to get started with your FREE consultation, use our simple contact form or call one of our trained technicians. We offer a wide range of tub styles and guarantee every installation in writing. When you’re ready to add safety and convenience in your home, call us here at Fort Worth Bathroom Remodeling & Design.



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